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Rationale for a new Diabetes Resolution

Blueprint – Action on Diabetes

‘What is Diabetes?’ Fact sheet

IDF Atlas – Europe

Blueprint for Action on Diabetes in the European Union by 2030

The Blueprint is the cornerstone of the activities of MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes and is also a critical tool for everyone, at national and European level, who is committed to improving the policy response to the growing burden of diabetes in Europe.

The document is written from the perspective of people living with diabetes (PwD) in Europe and contains recommendations of actions to be implemented to improve their quality of life. These recommendations are articulated around three key pillars: risk reduction, integrating care and enabling access. The action plan is supported by three cross-cutting ‘enablers’: engagement of PwD, digital transformation of healthcare and investment in research.

Summary version of the Blueprint

This document is a summary of the ‘Blueprint for Action on Diabetes in the European Union by 2030’ developed by the MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes Interest Group (MMD).

Blueprint launch webinar

To mark the publication of the Blueprint, MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes held a webinar on 25 February 2021. You can rewatch it or read the report on the event’s page (link).

Diabetes Fact Sheet – What is diabetes?

What are the main types of diabetes? What does insulin do? What are the causes, symptoms and potential complications?

This MMD Diabetes Factsheet provides a short overview of what diabetes is and what it means to live with the condition.

IDF Regional Fact Sheet – Europe

The Europe fact sheet on diabetes from IDF Diabetes Atlas – 10th edition (2021).