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MMD group meeting on February 28

28 February 2023

On February 28, MEPs Mobilising for Diabetes held an internal meeting to reflect on the success of the Diabetes Resolution adopted in November 2022, and to discuss a plan of action for 2023 to follow up on its adoption . The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the group’s future activities relating to reframing the diabetes narrative and building a stronger diabetes ecosystem.

The new Diabetes Resolution is an important step forward towards reversing the rising number of people living with diabetes in Europe, and the MMD group stands ready to continue its work to improve diabetes prevention and management in Europe.

All participants agreed that it is critical to maintain the current political momentum and to build on the Resolution to elevate further diabetes as a key priority for healthcare systems at the EU and national levels across the European region. Subsequent meetings will take place during the year to review the progress made.